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Uncertainty and volatile bond markets are leading investors more and more towards the lending markets, driven by search of yield. We have a solution which continues to flourish and we are seeing increased inflows this year. Worth to notice this provides a needed diversification within the Fixed Income & Credit space.

This solution provides a granular, defensive and unleveraged approach. It has delivered over 7 years of steady, unspectacular returns of GBP 6.5/7.5 % per annum net. The performance is helped by the ability to source own loans rather than buy in portfolios. This gives a continuity of loan quality and promotes low defaults (around 1%). One unusual aspect of this solution; it offers some liquidity, not often seen in funds of this type of return .

Brexit has been a concern but is likely to be of beneficial for the strategy. A lower GBP drives the demand for more home grown food, and increasing electricity prices to power dependent farmers encouraging energy efficient power plants such as Bio gas . This has the additional benefit of been seen as a strong socially responsible investment.

More than 65 Swiss wealth managers, pension funds and family offices have invested in this solution.

Get in touch with us and ask for more details. We are very happy if this solution adds value to your wealth.