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Wealth Preservation by avoiding major drawdowns

Wealth Preservation often is the main mission.
Avoiding instable markets has proven to be a good strategy to achieve this target.


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Instability can be detected and be avoided in many cases

Many times we get caught on the wrong foot by markets. Serious set backs which happen over night are melting away performance in no time. Performance which has been generated over years. Together with ETH in Zurich, a scientific model has been established which provides leading alerts when trends are breaking up and potential moves might happen. This allows to reduce risks in such phases and work hedges effectively.

While volatility is taken to measure the fluctuation of securities in most models, we use another methodology to analyse whether a trend is continuing or breaking up. This allows us to stay on the sidelines in a phase of an instable market and hence avoiding drawdowns and losses.

It is latest scientific method developped by ETH Zurich which we use to detect structural breaks and instabilities. This methodology is not just based on historic data sets like most other models and hence provides us good signals early .