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Experience and solid Track Tecord

The Investment Team works together for years

The Strategy is up & running since 2008 in form of mandates

In 2017 a Fund was added to open up the strategy to other investors

Wealth Preservation and Performance in a good balance
Our partner is a seasoned expert who is analyzing the segment of hybrid Bonds for many years.
Investment Grade Issuers with solid Balance Sheet have a real low Default Ratio. From those enterprises,
the Fund Manager is selecting and invests in Hybrid Bonds, wich are providing a substantially higher income with no increase of default probability.
On top this Fund proofs its sustainability focus by having highest possible ESG ratings

The Market:

– Bond Markets do have limited liquidity in general (especially in moments of selling periods)
– Historically low yields in most of the Investment Grade bonds
– Historically low interest rate levels with almost no potential but substantial risks

Your Benefits:
– Real Experts analyzing the bonds and they know what to look at (Bond Research is more important than Credit Research in this category)
– The Fund Manager understands the Market Dynamics in less liquid segments and knows how to navigate to trade positions efficiently
– Defensive positioning, well diversified
– Fair und low Portfolio Management Fees
– Daily Liquidity

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