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A solid contribution in Fixed Income and Credit - even at historic low levels

There are solutions which provide a solid contribution to the performance. We have a few ideas ready for you. A good mix is key.

Alternative to holding cash

Negative interest rates are challenging more and more investors.
No need to always accept this.

Specialists using their particular skills have established solutions for you. Let us talk about it.

Even nowadays, there are solutions to avoid negative interest rate charges without loading up substantial risks .

Focus leads to success

To preserve purchase power being prime mission has become more challenging. Dedicated specialists, equipped with state of the art infrastructure and a professional implementation of the strategies are needed, to keep performing well over the cycle. We are happy to show you, who is delivering solid results.

Better performance on the long run through stabilising

The latest scientific methods of ETH Zurich for the detection of structural breaks and market instabilities helps to avoid exposure in such market phases and hence avoid draw downs.

We offer you, along our philosophy => additional ideas

Fixed Income & Credit has become more demanding since interest rates are so low

Which solution work best for your clients and portfolios?

We are happy to support you presenting a good number of seasoned solution, which work well with actual markets.
Our main aim is wealth preservation.

Investing with discipline and a smart choice are key to sustainable performance

In Fixed Income & Credit markets diversification is an important element. Investors seeking for uncorrelated solutions avoiding substantial interest rate risk. Liquidity has become an important criteria too. Let us discuss solutions which do fulfill these criteria.

A totally changed environment in Fixed Income & Credit is asking for new strategies and habits

The market has grown the last years, while positions of banks are decreasing since 2008. With the development of the market (il)liquitidy, Funds providing daily liquidity have become a good choice, even taking PM-fee into consideration.
There are multiple approaches how to generate performance in times of low interests. Which strategy fits best for your situation?


Please call us on +41 43 888 45 45. We are happy to meet you. Thank you for your interest.

Are you a qualified investor?
Let us meet and discuss your particular situation. And let us find solutions and strategies which fit for your portfolio.

Providing a positive Contribution when we need it most.

Starting into 2016, we experienced again the phenomena of high correlation between the asset classes. Equity were dropping substantially, Credit markets were experiencing a serious spread widening, etc. In such an environment of high volatility, a solid positive performance contribution through Multi Manager CTA strategy helps smoothening overall performance. No blackbox, but offering realtime and online access to performance, positions and attribution. Every CTA Manager is facing good and bad years and it requests solid research and experience to go for a good choice of managers. We have some solutions ready for you.

Minimising drawdowns, avoid instable markets

The latest scientific model of ETH Zurich which can be used to detect structural breaks and instabilities in the various markets. Where most models use volatility, which measures the fluctuation of a security, the ETH model determines the probability, whether a trend persists or breaks. As a result, markets can be avoided in times of instability and uncertainty and hence drawdowns can be minimized successfully.