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Nordic High Yield

High Yield is a well accepted segment and seen as a carry provider for Bond Investors.

The Nordic High Yield Market still is rather young but growing – and looks attractive in comparison.

Diversification, Focus and solid Research are key success factors.


An attractive Niche – Skilled and experienced Manager
Nordic High Yield Market is less known to the broader audience than the large HY Markets USA and Europe.
The Nordic Market is well diversified and is growing continuously.

Your Benefits:
– Daily liquid, well diversified High Yield Fund
– Our partner is local speaking the Nordic languages and knows the enterprises they invest in, into Details
– Substanially higher carry than in comparable markets for same credit qualities
– Low interest rate sensitivity due to short durations, high ratio of floating rate products
– Sustainability: Our partner has a strong focus on the ESG parameters when selecting the products/companies to invest in

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